Adsense for 1day, How much money can you make from that?

Many people on social media say that you can easily earn $1,000 through ‘adsense’ a month while working. $1,000 a month becomes $12,000 a year. It is fun to imagine. In addition, you can make money easily without working hard. But nothing is easy in the world.

Criticism of how to make easy money from blogs

Why you don’t trust someone who’s successful with AdSense

In fact, it’s simple to distrust people who claim to have made a lot of money from blogs. This is because if you succeed your way, you won’t teach others how to succeed. Rather, you will focus on maintaining or improving your way. If there are people who don’t offer to share their secrets, it’s more beneficial to appeal for success than to do so. It’s about attracting people and being truly successful.

One of the successes they say is blogs. Blogging is easy to use. What you need is a computer. It has low barriers to entry and fewer elements to reveal yourself. It is different from YouTube, which shows your face. 

AdSense earnings per day

How to make money on what they say is a blog

Let me introduce how to make money from the blogs they talk about. First, it’s AI writing. Bloggers don’t have to write messages themselves, but they can also do so through ChatGPT. At this time, you can sell lectures or e-books on how to insert prompt commands, because the results vary depending on which command you put them in. Also, when you post a blog with ChatGPT, there are often cases where HTML codes are mixed and how to configure them are shared. The way to configure HTML codes is simple. The HTML writing method allows you to change and paste an editor window. 

The problem is that even if AI writes like this, it does not generate as much revenue as successful civil petitioners say. What they are talking about are flower words, disease explanations, and folk remedies. It is not an issue article, but there are many things that can be searched in the long run, so it can be searched one day. However, there are already too many similar articles. 

an illusion of how to make money from AdSense

Another way is to find keywords that make money. Writing based on keywords that are often advertised, such as loans, insurance, and stocks, is to find topics that make money through keyword searches. Will writing like this really increase profits? There are concerns that quality can be compromised. Some people are worried that it can lead to poor quality. In fact, writing about loans or insurance can lead to poor searches. In particular, if you keep writing, you may be more likely to lose quality.

Many people read my posts, but posts by novice bloggers are not very searchable. This emphasized SEO customized writing. I create a table of contents and insert a few photos, and insert key keywords in the location within the text so that the search engine can search for text well. Will this really increase the revenue of my blog after reading it?

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