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If you are traveling to Jeju Island, I would like to introduce you to restaurants and tourist attractions that you must visit. Today, I will tell you a unique curry restaurant among them.

A three line summary

AI don’t like curry, but I eat it so that there’s a hole in the tray
You can park on the side of the road in front of the store.
There are many unique curries such as Gujwa vegetable curry and cheese tote curry.

the reason we visited Jeju Island?

I visited Jeju Island with my wife a few years ago. I remember it so good that I found it again. This time, it’s not two, it’s three. Because with my son we went there. Reflecting on the memories, I revisited the curry restaurant I went to a few years ago.

the resturant that good for family visiting

First of all, the sign of the store is very cute. It looks like a renovation of an old house. What’s impressive is the wall. You can see the inside of the rough wall as if cement was applied to the stone.

In fact, the appearance of the store is nothing special. What’s important is the taste of curry.
We visited shortly after lunchtime on weekdays, so there were not many customers.

A menu of tam-tam-curry.
These are Gujwa vegetable curry (10,000 won), core curry (10,000 won), half curry (11,000 won), mushroom curry (12,000 won), cheese tote curry (13,000 won), spinach curry (11,000 won), and children’s curry (6,000 won).

I ordered half-and-half curry and tried spinach and core curry… It was really unique and delicious. Bean curry blends the savory taste of beans with the bitterness of curry, and spinach curry has a refreshing and refreshing taste of spinach.

My wife ordered a cheese tote curry. The freshness of the tote was alive. Actually, it’s a taste that can’t be explained by one or two lines of writing. For those who haven’t tried it, they might say, “I think spinach tastes weird.” “I don’t think beans and curry go well together.” You have to try it first.

People who visit Jeju Island as a family would like it, because there are child menu.

so it’s a good place to visit at least once. There is also Pyeongdae Beach nearby, so it’s good to play.

You can also search for other blogs in Korean. If you use a translator, you will understand the content.

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I’m sharing this because there’s an article about the location and contact information.

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I would like to introduce some attractions to visit in Korea in the future. Please look forward to it.

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